Haliburton Forest

About us

Haliburton Forest is an unusual company.

It is an outdoor lover’s paradise and a wood lover’s dream. It is a research facility and an education centre. It is a property where members of our community make their livelihood, and thousands of visitors make their day. It is a major force in the hardwood lumber industry, with three operating sawmills. It is 100,000 acres, 100 lakes, and millions of trees, and it is home to countless creatures.

Above all, and always, Haliburton Forest is a sustainably managed forest.

In summary, Haliburton Forest is one company with two divisions and over 20 businesses. We provide year-round employment to 150 people and work closely on a regular basis with 50 independent contractors. We have a skilled management team, devoted staff, and a hands-on-get-it-done attitude. Our business strategy is to be environmentally sustainable, socially responsible, and economically viable in everything that we do, in order that Haliburton Forest may prosper over the very long term.

This is the story of who we are and what we do, beginning with our history, leading into the present, and ending with a vision for where we will be in 100 years.


Haliburton Forest

1095 Redkenn Road, Haliburton