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Janice was introduced to the Haliburton Highlands in 1988 as a tourism marketing specialist, drawn north from Toronto from an advertising agency gig. She traveled the area extensively as she consulted with local resorts, establishing and implementing their marketing programmes. In the process, she fell hopelessly love with the area.

Following her heart, Janice moved to Eagle Lake – a quaint, neighborly community just north of Haliburton – in 1992. Perched beside a lake with a ski hill in her backyard, Janice was convinced she’d found paradise.

Of course, everyone’s looking for paradise – and Janice wasn’t the only one to discover the slice of heaven that is the Haliburton Highlands.  The next several years brought huge growth to the region.  Once-seasonal cottages were being converted into year round homes, land values skyrocketed, and taxes increased to keep pace. The once-sleepy Haliburton Highlands region was maturing as a tourist destination.

As she watched the growth around her, Janice was struck by a moment of inspiration. After all, cottage owners don’t use their cottages every week – and tourists are always looking for the cozy, homelike accommodation that only a vacation cottage can provide.


All-Season Cottage Rentals

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