Bram Lebo LL.B

About us

A good lawyer is someone who cares about what happens to you, tomorrow and many years from now. It's someone who uses their skills to look out for you, without running up unnecessary bills.

I graduated from Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto and the Rotterdam School of Management in the Netherlands. Having grown up in Toronto gives me a good understanding of what clients moving this way expect from a lawyer; my 25 years of business experience provide a practical outlook that looks beyond the fine print to what my clients really need.

I've been living in Haliburton full time since 2009. Having lived and worked all over the world, I've come to know that this is the best place anywhere. Maybe that's why I enjoy helping people buy property here, settle and grow. In small communities like this, everyone has a place; everyone matters. That's how I approach my practice: as excited - or concerned - as you are about what you plan next.


Bram Lebo LL.B

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